Hey! Check out this podcast I was featured on. It discusses the ways in which editing is beneficial to indie authors. Huge shout out to S.M. Boyce and J.N. Chaney for welcoming me onto their podcast.

Allisyn Ma

Allisyn is a freelance editor for independent published authors. As an avid reader she finds many types of books in her hands, yet young adult fiction tends to be the most common alongside adult murder mysteries.

Allisyn currently works as a proofreader at Faithlife Corporation in Bellingham, WA. She found herself here after journeying from her hometown in Oregon to go to school at Western Washington University. There, she majored in creative writing and met her husband. After college, she wasn’t quite done with adventure and flew on to Santiago, Chile where she worked as a full-time editor for the news source I Love Chile.

Allisyn enjoys reading local authors in the Bellingham Review, doing crosswords, playing the piano, and writing. She was published in the 2012 Inkspeak magazine with her piece “Swiss Cheese and Jesus.”