Origin Story

Since this is my first blog post on my new web site I wanted to take the time to introduce myself to my readers and explain my background in books and editing.

My passion for writing and editing stems from my adoration of young adult and murder mystery novels. Ever since I was a kid I have lived for the moment of cracking open a new book, a new story that has yet to be read. Anything could be held in those pages.

As I grew older I realized the power of the written word. Auditory learning and public speaking (even to a group of ten) have always left me feeling inept. For some reason my brain just simply prefers to write it down, or to read it. I spent my middle and high school days with my nose stuck in a book, and secretly editing my peers’ papers.

I went off to Western Washington University where I majored in creative writing and minored in Spanish. This is where I fell in love with copy editing. My daily assignments were centered on reading through other students’ stories and giving critical feedback. I loved the challenge of striving to help writers finish their stories through the slippery, tricky nuances of language.

Now the real work begins. As I realized my senior year of college, writing does not make money unless you commit yourself to your dream. So here I am folks, living my dream, starting out editing one manuscript at a time. I would rather be on this crazy adventure of entrepreneurship than working at a job where I don’t get to read books all day.